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Eat your heart out Zelda!
Nintendo would be proud! A hit song for their next video game. Has a fun, positive melody and clean production. (Don't be insulted when I say this it totally suited for video games- the music really makes or breaks a great game) WELL done! Eat your heart out Zelda! A+
Reviewed by:  carbonstar  from  Joplin, Missouri

Very happy sound!
I like the "bottle rocket" sounds, very perky piece. I couldn't say who you sound like, but I can say you sound good. Good mix, excellent production.
Reviewed by:  OO@363676~LEONARDONICUS  from  Seattle, Washington

cowboys dancing
 this is like, 'get off your horse and boogie' music. and i like that. its different from anything i've ever heard. i like that its fun, yet still musically interesting. i like that it sounds like western music, but its all done with a synth, so it sounds pretty crazy. cool song.
Extra Credit:  Keyboards/Organ/Piano,  Originality.
Salem, Oregon
January 13th, 200

i like the begining very trancy. well thought out very selective of the sounds and notes you
used keep it up nice job!
 Los Angeles, California
 January 26th, 2004

carnival music
lets go have fun, party all night long. lifes so good.. is what i feel when i hear this insrtumental.. good good job
Extra Credit:  Drums,  Bass,  Keyboards/Organ/Piano,  Production,  Beat, Mood,  Originality.
Minneapolis, Minnesota
February 9th, 2004

Par Aaquarius le 22/11/2003 à 13:23
Technique (8/10)
Ok...j'ai bien écouté...
j'aime le travail des sons en arriere
j'aime moins le synthé brass et le piano elec dans les lead
ta compo est sympa en ligne melodique et assez bien vu dans les enchainements...J'imagine que ça doit etre plaisant à jouer!
Artistique (9/10)
J'adore l'humour!!!
sans compter le reve que ça inspire...
cest du bon boulot: je ne trouve à redire que sur le choix de son en lead...
comme l'a dit qqn aussi: peut etre un peu trop saccadé (non pas quantifié, du moins j'espere!!)
Sounds like Tangerine dream

An Apple a Day

Cool beat,and cool melody.Could be a dance floor hit.This song has some retro feel to it.
Reviewed by:  drumwise  from  Westbrook, Maine

Good Job With Production
Good job with production...I really liked all the synth sounds swirling around in stereo. The one drum break felt alittle repetitious...anything else you can use? Shorten the length maybe.
Los Angeles, California
March 3rd, 2004

nice groove
Nice tones, kool groove. I could've used a hook a little sooner, and maybe a little more substance. Kind of Petshop boys-ish. I enjoyed it, but, I'm probably not the best judge. :) Keep up the hard work. Thumbs up.
Twin Cities, Minnesota
January 17th, 2004

Par Aaquarius le 22/11/2003 à 14:22
Technique (8/10)
Toujours tes sons bien zarb
Artistique (8/10)
J'aime bien les nuances...
ça fait un peu musique de l'espace mais j'apprécie!

Nice stereo effects
There was some real cool movement on the percussion on this song. Unfortunately real player was making it sound like it was recorded in a tunnel. The electric violin sound was pretty cool. A lot of the background effects were tasty too. There was a lot of syncopation in the chording, even though the drum beat was pretty straight ahead. THis didn't sound to me like anyone I've heard (a good thing!) but I thought it was very attention grabbing and keeping. Nice song!
Extra Credit:  Sequencer/Effects Programming,  Originality.
February 1st, 2004

Nice and clear
A little heavy on the repetitiveness in the begining, Rhythm is good, You have a melody but, I'm not all too sure it has enough emotion to do the rest of your work justice, and as far as who do you sound like, I think i know... Have you ever heard of a guy named John Michell Jare*... He is a french synth Guru... probably the best in the world.
Extra Credit:  Keyboards/Organ/Piano,  Sequencer/Effects Programming, Production,  Beat,  Mood,  Originality.
Sisterdale, Texas   
February 15th, 2004

* = Sounds like Jean Michel Jarre ? Thanks!

nice drums
Melody>> I like the ambience created by this piece. Melodically it is more percussive in structure which suits it fine. Drums are well placed.
Rhythm>> Lively, engaging, pleasing to get into. Nice note reverb.
Sound like?>> dont know.
Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada   
February 27th, 2004
Sounds like Vangelis


very unique intro. I like the sound of this synth.
this tune defenately is experimental.
The mood is interesting - I dig those synth's
Some of the sounds you're using are a contemporary sound experience - but some of 'em are a bit out of date......but perhaps this was your intention.
Like I said this is a experimental tune - there is not realy an arrangement.
Keep it going !
Basel, New York, Switzerland   
February 27th, 2004

instantly catchy...
Ear candy... this is very well done and amazingly put together... i love the synth sounds and the off beat rhythm of the piano... good work
Extra Credit:  Keyboards/Organ/Piano,  Production,  Best Potential Movie Soundtrack.
Gimli, Manitoba, Canada   
March 1st, 2004

I think this song is a perfect example of going effects crazy. Lay off on the effects a little bit and I think this might be a coherent song.
Extra Credit:  Bass,  Beat.
Chicago, Illinois
March 5th, 2004

Par Koh Kran le 02/10/2003 à 15:05
Technique (10/10)
Bien fait, R.A.S.
Artistique (8/10)
Ce titre me fait pensé a un générique d'émission tv, il est bien fait .

monster scary sound, well you got a good sound goin on, not much of a melody though, you can kinda hear it comin in sometimes, but its good, interesting sounds, pretty different, try comin in with some sort of melody, pretty good tho
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
March 6th, 2004

I like the artificial style of this song. Only electronic elements. The synthie sound at the beginning is a good start and sounds very nice. The organ and the beats give it a "Kraftwerk" touch. Its fun to listen to ...
Extra Credit:  Drums,  Sequencer/Effects Programming,  Production, Originality.
Mainz, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany   
February 21st, 2004
Sounds like jean michel jarre


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